Now available in stores and through contact-less home delivery on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the Seatte area!

Founder Story

The Eureka Moment

Hi! I am Sirish, an Engineer & MBA by training and a food lover by heart. I am the founder and CEO of New Origin Foods. The journey of New Origin Foods started four years ago when we were expecting our third child and my wife, Priya, had a craving for a millennium-old Indian dish called Idlis that are made with fermented batters.

When we turned to grocery stores, the products available were quite disappointing. None of them were organic, all of them were low in plant-based protein, and most of them had shelf-stable preservatives or ingredients such as baking soda. Not willing to put these products on our dining table, I approached the problem with an engineering mindset to create the “perfect” batter - one that’s all-organic and high in plant-based protein. After months of iterations, adjusting different variables, I developed the batters to have the right texture, taste, protein content, and pH value. The batters quickly became a staple in our household because of ease of use, range of applications, and high nutritional value.

Proof of Concept 

After receiving quite a bit of positive feedback about the products from friends and family, during the Summer of 2017, we launched a subscription-based home-delivery operation in the Seattle area. Potential customers were asked to place their orders by Thursdays via WhatsApp, and we would deliver to them over the weekend. Before we knew, we were making 20-25 home deliveries on Saturdays/Sundays. 

During late 2017, with confidence stemming from the success of the proof of concept and positive business indicators, we set up commercial operations in Kirkland, WA. 

Farmers Market Launch

To further test whether the products would work for broader demographics / customer segments, we launched New Origin Foods at Seattle-area Farmers Markets in the Summer of 2018. The products became a great hit at the markets. We identified 4 key customer segments - young mothers seeking healthy food options for the family, senior citizens looking for nutritious food options, customers with gluten-free requirements, and Millenials leaning towards vegan / vegetarian / plant-based choices.

Retail Launch

The data from the Farmers Markets further boosted our confidence to invest in USDA Organic certification and also in retail launch. Starting 2019, we started adding more stores and grew from 1 store in Jan'19 to 15 stores as of Oct'19, including PCC Community Markets, a premier organic retailer in the Seattle area!

A Big Thank You!

Thanks for coming along with us on this journey! We could not have done without the support of so many amazing people that touched our lives and honored us with their love and affection. Many of whom started as customers and became friends and advocates, rooting for our success every step along the way. A big thanks to Issaquah Farmers Markets, Seattle Neighborhood Farmers Markets, to PCC Leadership, and to our specialty store owners for believing in us, offering us your platforms, and enabling us start a new movement - one that leads to Health, Harmony, and Happiness!