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Founder Story

The Beginning

The story of New Origin Foods started in 2015 when we were expecting our third child and we were looking for healthy meal options that would provide the important nutrients the baby and the pregnant mother need for growth and development.

Idlis are quite a popular meal option in India and are known for being quite nutritious and healthy. They are cooked with batters made with parboiled rice and blackgram beans. When we tried the batters available in the store, we were quite disappointed because there were no organic options available and those that were on the shelves were made with artificial preservatives and some even had baking soda so that the batter would rise when steamed. Not wanting to put any of these on our table, I decided to make our own version of the batter - an engineer's version! 

First principles: 

1. Must have all-organic and non-GMO ingredients 

2. Must have higher proportion of blackgram beans to increase plant-based protein that an expectant mother and kids need 

3. Must provide essential vitamins and nutrients in the daily diet 

The Engineering

In approaching making batters with an engineering mindset, the process was methodically broken down into 3 distinct steps:  

1. Soaking parboiled rice, blackgram beans, and fenugreek seeds in water 

2. Grinding the ingredients in a wet stone grinder 

3. Allowing the batter to ferment and "rise" 

After about 4-5 months of experimentation with varying proportions of each of the ingredients and with varying times spent at each of the stages of the process, the plain white batter turned out to be great! The plain batter offered plant-based protein and Iron. To bring essential vitamins into the mix, three additional variations - with beets, carrots, and greens were created. 

The final entrant to the family of products was the The Faithful Sidekick, an organic powder with 8 ingredients to have a nutritious dipping side. Adding a bit of organic avocado or grapeseed oil in a couple of spoonfuls of the powder creates the perfect side with a bit of a kick!

Pretty soon, with friends and family starting to love what we were making, we set out to establish a company and launch the products commercially. We are now happy that we set up our food processing plant in Kirkland, WA, to be able to to provide the same great nutritious options to our extended family of customers. 

By the way, our third kid is now two and half years old and loves eating the soft and fluffy organic rice cakes (Idlis) for breakfast every morning with the dipping! 

- Sirish and Priya